NCSSM must investigate all reports of sexual harassment and violence. If a complainant requests confidentiality or that a complaint not be pursued, the school must investigate the complaint as fully as possible while respecting the complainants request for confidentiality. It is important that the complainant understands that if they request that their name and/or other identifying details not be disclosed, that may limit the ability of NCSSM to respond to the complaint.

NCSSM must also evaluate the request for confidentiality against the "responsibility to provide a safe and nondiscriminatory environment for all students." (DCL 2011, p.5)

Faculty and staff at NCSSM are required to report incidents of sexual harassment and violence to the Title IX Coordinator. Faculty and staff can reach out to on-duty Student Life staff and/or the Campus Safety and Security Director for immediate assistance.

Clinic and counseling staff members are not required to report instances of sexual harassment or violence unless there is on-going imminent danger to a student, students or the greater community. Clinic and counseling staff can help students find resources on and off campus and support them if they report or not.