What To Do

If someone tells you they have experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault

What to do

  1. Assess the situation, if there is immediate danger, contact Campus Resources at (919) 416-2711 or dial 911
  2. If someone tells you they have experienced sexual misconduct, offer them support by listening and thanking them for trusting you. Offer to walk with them to the counselors or on duty SLIs. Encourage them to seek help and counseling as soon as possible.
  3. Staff and Faculty are responsible employees and must report to the Title IX Coordinator.
  4. Students receiving information about sexual misconduct can report to their Community Coordinator, their counselor, any trusted adult on campus, and/or the Title IX Coordinator. Remember to ask for support for yourself. When someone you know is experiencing a crisis, it is easy to forget that you need support, too.
  5. Remember that you can use the Public Incident Report option to report anonymously

If you have experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault

What to know

  • You set the pace.
  • You have the right to choose to whom you will speak, what resources you will use, what you will say, and when you will say it
  • Guardian notification will not occur without your knowledge (except in life-saving circumstances)
  • There are resources available at NCSSM and in the community
  • Your information will be kept private and only shared with those who “need to know”
  • When there is imminent danger to you or the community, NCSSM will take action to protect you and get you the necessary treatment
  • In every situation, supporting you is the top priority
  • the NCSSM amnesty policy exists to encourage you to report incidents and receive support without fearing disciplinary consequences for alcohol, drugs, or other code of conduct violations

What to do

A person who experiences sexual misconduct should consider the following immediate actions:

  • Contact Campus Resources (919) 416-2711, call 911, reach out to the on duty Community Coordinators (919) 416-2825