Respondent FAQ

What will my parents be told about the incident?

If there is a formal report made, your family will be copied on all official Advocate emails about the incident. The Title IX Counselor will work with you prior to any official emails being sent to assist you in talking to your family. The NCSSM Counseling Department is also available to help students have conversations with their families. Part of the standard process in any discipline process at NCSSM is a phone call notification to families due to the age of our student population.

Who will know about the complaint?

Your support team (Community Coordinator, Counselor, and Advisor) will be copied on all official Advocate emails about the incident. Administrators are also copied on Advocate emails. Your teachers will not be informed of the complaint. If you find that you need additional academic support or any specific accommodations, the Title IX Coordinator and/or your counselor will make those requests without sharing information about the complaint.

Does everyone automatically think I am guilty?

No, the allegation and investigation do not indicate an automatic finding of responsibility.

Will there be a hearing?

It depends on the investigation and the information uncovered. If there are charges, yes, a hearing will take place.

Will students be involved in the hearing?

No, in cases that involve sexual violence or harassment, students are not part of the hearing board.

Is a hearing like a courtroom drama?

No. Since this is not a criminal process, what occurs here is not like what you see on TV. It’s important for you to know that you will be treated with respect throughout the process. Although attorneys and advisors are permitted all questions will be directed to the hearing board, who will filter the questions to make sure that they are relevant and appropriate. There is no direct cross examination or direct dialog between parties and parties are in separate spaces. It is the expectation that all parties participate in a manner that is civil and respectful.

How should I prepare for a hearing?

You should familiarize yourself with the Title IX Institutional Policy and the Student Handbook. You will receive the investigative report and all statements gathered prior to the hearing. You will also have a chance to ask additional questions through the Title IX Coordinator prior to the hearing after reviewing all of the investigatory material. If you have additional questions, please bring them to the hearing.

What information will I receive about the investigation?

You will receive the investigative report and all statements gathered prior to the hearing.

Will I be dismissed from NCSSM?

There are two phases to a hearing. The first is a fact finding phase to determine responsibility, or lack thereof, for the charge(s). If you are found responsible for one or more charges, there will be a sanctioning phase to determine how NCSSM will respond. If a student is found not responsible, sanctions will not be issued. If a student is found responsible, they are subject to a full range of sanctions. Misconduct that involves interpersonal violence or sexual misconduct may result in dismissal from NCSSM.

Can I appeal the decision?

Yes, you can appeal the outcome of the hearing. You will receive information about appeals with the hearing outcome letter. Information about appeals can also be found in the Title IX Institutional Policy.


Questions? Ask our Title IX Office: titleix@ncssm.edu