Need to report an incident or concern? NCSSM encourages those who have experienced any form of sexual harassment or violence to report the incident(s) to the Title IX Coordinator. Students are encouraged to report to NCSSM and this does not limit their right to report sexual harassment or violence to the Durham Police Department.

Students can also report to any adult on campus. All faculty and staff are responsible employees and are required to share any reports of sexual harassment or violence with the Title IX Coordinator.

Title IX Coordinator for Students

Jennifer Ashe

(919) 416-2802

Office Bryan 142

Anyone in the community can fill out an incident report here

You can report to any Community Coordinator on duty in any of the offices.

Bryan Office (919) 416-2825

Hunt Office (919) 416-2826

Hill Office (919) 416-2827

Royall Office (919) 416-2921

You can report to the Director of Campus Safety and Security or any of the Campus Resources Staff

Rick Hess (919) 416-2910

Campus Resources (919) 416-2711

Durham Police Department 911

Individuals can also contact the Office of Civil Rights to report a complaint